Health Disparities Reduction Coalition

Helping us reduce Health Disparities

Good health starts in our daily lives. Long before we get ill and need to see a doctor, healthier decisions can mean a healthier life. But realistically we can only work with the choices available to us. If we have limited options because of where we live, learn, work, or play, it can harm our ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. And if we don’t know what our options are, it’s almost the same as not having them.

People with very limited options face “health disparities” that can lead to a very different level of health or life expectancy than the average population.

The Health Disparities Reduction Coalition of Muskegon County and Oceana County (HDRC) is a central information center to help with referrals for people encountering health disparities. We are a coalition of organizations that have come together with the goal of making sure all people in Muskegon and Oceana County live the longest, healthiest lives possible, with quality medical outcomes.

We want individuals and advocates to call us for help so we can direct them to the resources and options they need in order to live healthier lives.

Call us when you or somebody you are helping has:

  • Difficulty getting to a doctor or a hospital regularly
  • Language or communication barriers
  • Poor or inadequate treatment or service from doctors or medical staff
  • Inadequate access to grocery stores and healthy foods
  • Inadequate access to safe drinking water
  • Children who need a safe place to play
  • Unsafe school conditions
  • Unsafe housing conditions
  • Concerns that a workplace is harmful to people’s health

We provide community outreach, education, and information to help people know what their options are, and to help them expand their options so that healthy choices are available to them. The HDRC uses results driven solutions based on scientific community studies. Those studies help us learn if our actions are working, how much they’re working, and where we need to focus our efforts in the future to improve more peoples’ lives.

Please visit for more information.