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Socorro and Gloria

A non-English speaking diabetic and in-home care worker was not insured and could not afford her insulin in 2014, because it was costing her more than $300 a month. She was grateful to have been covered under a plan that she qualified for in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. She was able to see her doctor and get her diabetes under control. When she went to went to renew her plan for 2015, she learned she qualified for Medicaid under the expansion. (Until we sat down for this interview, she did not know she would no longer have no co-pays or deductibles.)

Shonie and Bonita

A woman’s long-term welding career is cut short by fibromyalgia. She found herself without health insurance and without the medications she needed to manage her painful condition. After a year of seeking help from others without success, Mercy Health’s Health Project staff were able to explain to her why she had been previously denied. She also learned she did qualify for a tax credit under the Affordable Care Act. The premium for her new plan is one she can afford. Once again, she is seeing her own doctor and getting her medications. She’s optimistic about the future and looking forward to attending and enjoying her daughter’s graduation.

Peggy and Ron

A man with a heart condition didn’t have a job or insurance. He enrolled in job training and began working as a temporary employee. However, the high cost of insurance as a temporary employee was out of reach. Thanks to the Health Project and the Health Care Exchange, Ron qualified for an affordable plan that allowed him see his doctor and to get his medications. He looks forward to avoiding several visits a year to the emergency room.

 Carla and Jenny

A woman with anxiety issues, heart and dental problems and no transportation now has coverage and transportation. Her new bus pass gets her to her doctor’s appointments and she can get her medications when she needs them. She’s excited about dental care, which includes extractions and a partial. She is getting out more and she’s looking forward to a healthy future and a bright, new smile.

Benita and Peggy

A widow with diabetes, who was at risk of having no insurance and no insulin, now has better health care coverage than she did when her husband was working. Her coverage allows her to see her own doctor and she can get her insulin. Mercy Health’s Health Project staff helped her with each step of the registration process. 2015 looks “healthy and wise” to Benita.

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