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Meet the Health Project Board Chair, Rem Sprague

Q. What is your role at Mercy Health? How does that position you to be influential in your work at the Health Project?

A. I am the Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health Muskegon. I oversee the Medical Staff Office, Graduate Medical Education, Oncology, Hospital-Based Physician Contracting, Physician Recruitment Support, Clinical Informatics, Medical Staff Quality and I serve as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. As Chair of the Health Project board and SLT member, I serve a liaison function between health system leaders and the community benefit activities of the Health Project. As a clinician, I help orient Health Project activities to the medical needs in our community.

Q. How long have you been on the Health Project board?

A. Since its inception in 1993.

Q. What is your favorite part of being on the Health Project board? Do you have a favorite service or program the Health Project offers? Why?

A. I enjoy interacting with our colleagues at the Health Project, participating in the Diabetes Summit, Men’s Health Fair and other community activities. It has been an enlightening experience to learn about my community from the perspectives of our colleagues, residents and clients. I am proud of all our programs, but particularly of Pathways. Our ability to empower our clients and help them overcome barrier to health improvement has been among the most rewarding of my experiences.

Q. What is your favorite part of living in Muskegon?

A. I was drawn to the area by Lake Michigan, having grown up on the “big lake” in Michigan City, Indiana. Our family has lived here since 1981 and has developed a deep affection for the people, the legacy, the resilience and the year-round benefits of living here. I am excited to see the resurgence that has characterized Muskegon’s history over the past century. I am proud to be a leader of an organization that respects and cares as deeply for Muskegon as I do.

Q. If there was one thing that you could change that would make our community healthier, what would it be?

A. We need to continue our efforts to educate all our residents and help them achieve their maximal potential. We need to enhance our efforts for diversity and inclusion and unify our various communities so all of us benefit from the growth and development happening all around.


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our services

The Health Project provides a number of direct services to eligible members of the community. These services include the following programs:

Service Highlight

Pharmaceutical Access Program: Navigating Resources to Best Assist the Client

“Pharmaceutical Access” is much broader than just funding the cost of prescriptions. It encompasses reviewing a person’s insurance coverage, income and resources, as well as medication needs. We then assist them with navigating insurance enrollment and coverage issues. It also includes exploring opportunities to utilize pharmaceutical company resources, such as copay saving cards and patient assistance programs. The Pharmaceutical Access Program staff look for savings and resources in all areas and help each client navigate those resources as needed.

what’s happening

Providing No Cost Vision Care To Those in Need

Matt, through the services and coordination of the Health Project’s Community Health Workers, was scheduled for a much-needed eye appointment with VSP® Eyes of Hope®. “I felt …

Connecting Community Through Nutrition

“Last week, we made tacos!” exclaimed Tom. Tom is a Support Coordinator Assistant at HealthWest. Tom and 20 other individuals signed up to participate in Muskegon Prescribes …

Education on the Importance of Having a Plan for Advanced Healthcare Boosted by a $25,000 Grant

July 2, 2019 – Muskegon, MI – If you became unable to make decisions about your healthcare, would anyone know your wishes? How will you make sure that …

Shout! Out

Muskegon ALI Logo

Muskegon ALI Completes 2019 Decoy Operations

The Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative (Muskegon ALI) and participating agencies would like to recognize the alcohol retailers who have passed the 2019 Muskegon ALI Alcohol Compliance Checks. As a group of law enforcement officers and concerned citizens, our mission is to reduce underage drinking and alcohol-related injuries in Muskegon County.


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