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Muskegon ALI Completes 2019 Decoy Operations

For Immediate Release:

The Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative (Muskegon ALI) and participating agencies would like to recognize the alcohol retailers who have passed the 2019 Muskegon ALI Alcohol Compliance Checks. As a group of law enforcement officers and concerned citizens, our mission is to reduce underage drinking and alcohol-related injuries in Muskegon County.

During the spring, participating Muskegon ALI law enforcement agencies delivered educational vendor packets to each of the alcohol establishments in Muskegon County, which provides education on the current laws and safe alcohol serving practices. We then follow up with compliance checks, conducted by law enforcement, throughout the year. The checks also serve as a tool for establishments to identify needs for additional staff training.

During the 2019 year, Muskegon ALI completed a total of 164-alcohol compliance checks in which an underage person attempts to purchase alcohol at the establishment. We are pleased to report that 155 of the 164 checks passed, and the retailer did not sell alcohol to the decoy. Below is a list of establishments that were checked and passed. The locations that did not pass the alcohol check were referred to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) for enforcement. The staff member who sold the alcohol received a fine. For a complete list of Michigan Licensing and Regularity Affairs Violation Reports, please visit LARA’s website here.

We are encouraged by the high number of passing retailers and wish to applaud their efforts to educate their staff on the importance of ensuring alcohol is not sold to minors.

The Public Health Department of Muskegon County provides retailers and vendors alcohol beverage serving training through the Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS). More information on this retailer training can be found at on the Public Health Muskegon County Tobacco and Alcohol Retail Education website.

Thanks to the efforts of Muskegon ALI, according to our Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth Survey (MIPHY) results, youth are significantly less likely to obtain alcohol from retailers than they were ten years ago. On behalf of all Muskegon ALI participating agencies, we congratulate the establishments that passed. Participating agencies include Norton Shores Police Department, Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office, Whitehall Police Department, Muskegon Township Police Department, Roosevelt Park Police Department, Fruitport Township Police Department, Montague Police Department, North Muskegon Police Department, and Muskegon Police Department.

About the Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative: Muskegon ALI is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement and prevention collaborative that is in partnership with a Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon County, under the Health Project. Their goal is to decrease the amount of youth-related injuries associated with underage drinking and to educate youth about the social, health, and law consequences associated with underage drinking and driving.

Compliance Check Passes 2019